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RFID KIT: More Transparency and Accurate Data Recording 

With the MOBA identification systems, municipalities and commercial waste management contractors can structure waste disposal transparently, and fairly.

As a matter of course, MAWIS complies with the DIN standard on waste container identification, the PTB regulations for scales, the Vehicle Directive and the recommendations of the BDE/VKS. The RFID system has been certified in its entirety as being data-secure and tamper-proof by the BSI (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology). 

The function principle is simple, the waste bins are automatically identified during emptying by means of a chip system.

The waste bins are equipped with transponders, while the vehicles are equipped with transponder readers. The emptying data is transmitted via telematics and evaluated in the office with appropriate software linked to the master data. Through the use of this data, fees are calculated according to the number of bin emptyings.

In combination with a weighing system, it is possible to charge fees according to weight. This type of billing provides incentive to separate waste, and avoid producing waste.