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MOBA - MCA-3000

MCA-3000: Compaction Control At Its Best 

Optimum Compaction In Earthworks and Asphalt Paving 

The MCA-3000 is an add-on roller system for optimum compaction in earthworks as well as asphalt paving on tandem rollers and single-drum compactors. The compaction system enables efficient roller use and supports the driver by visualising all important compaction information on the color display.


  • Compaction parameters come with positioning data of the GNSS system. 
  • Information on display allows for driver to identify areas that have been sufficiently compacted and areas where passes are still necessary. 
  • Compaction data is available as verification of quality and for tracking the course of project. 
  • System uses infrared sensors to record the temperature of road surface, visualising it on the display. This ensures that compacting asphalt is not too hot or too cold: factors that frequently lead to road damage.