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MOBA - HLC-2000

MOBA Wheel Loader Scale HLC 2000: Precise Load Monitoring Solution For Wheel Loader Trucks 

With the MOBA wheel loader scale HLC-2000, every weighing task is accomplished in the shortest possible period of time. Thanks to the dynamic weighing process you know immediately how much has been loaded – without any additional effort. The elimination of a stationary weighing system saves time and optimises your work processes.


  • Data can be both stored as CSV or on a USB medium. Customer and material lists can be easily loaded individually from a USB stick. 
  • MOBA wheel loader scale easily prevents overloading of trucks. The system adds up the weight of material of all scoops and protects you and the truck driver on site. 
  • Robust display allows for you to keep an eye on current loading weight. 
  • Operating panel GDC-320 is fit for any harsh condition. 
  • Weighing system is compatible with all wheel loader trucks. 
  • Inclination sensors allow for optimal weighing position and is most reliable method of weighing on the market.