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MOBA - Out Trigger Distance Control

DSM-500: Safe Stabilisation and Efficient Machine Operation

Variable Stabilisation for Maximum Machine Utilisation 

The ultrasonic measurement system measures the extension length of the outriggers in Aerial Work platforms for Mobile cranes, that lie within a measurement range of up to 5 m. Located on the chassis, information is transmitted to the Superordinate Control system. Information on the current span width of each individual outrigger is then made available to the machine.


  • System enables variable stabilisation, ensuring maximum work platform, concrete pump or mobile crane. 
  • It has a contactless operating principle making it maintenance and wear-free. 
  • DSM-500 also can be used on a telescopic arm to measure the projection length. 
  • Two sensors are interchangeable, acting both as transmitter and receiver which allows for two independent measurements. 
  • Robust wear-free design guarantees operating precision and perfect results even under harsh conditions. 
  • Compact design makes for simple completion of a job.